Machine Learning Meetup

Monthly Meetup by Machine Learning Bangladesh

Ishraak Solutions was the proud sponsor of Monthly Meetup Nov 2019 organized by Machine Learning Bangladesh on 16th November. Machine learning Bangladesh is a group of Bangladeshi individuals interested in Machine Learning. It’s a not-for-profit initiative. The purpose is to share thoughts and ideas, helping each other, talk about opportunities related to Machine Learning and other related areas. The speaker panel included Md. Asalatuzzaman (CEO, Prolific Analytics), Dr. Shazzad Hosain (Professor, North South University), Md Main Uddin Rony (Ph.D. Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Maryland, USA) and Sk. Sahib Sadman (IT Specialist at Banglalink).

The program was started with an opening speech of Nayeem Ahmed (CEO of Ishraak Solutions). Md. Asalatuzzaman (CEO, Prolific Analytics) gave a speech about how machine learning is changing our business world. Following him, Sk. Sahib Sadman (IT Specialist at Banglalink) presented his presentation about how AI-driven chatbot could save our money and energy. After Sk. Sahib Sadman’s speech, Md Main Uddin Rony (Teaching Assistant at the University of Maryland, USA) remotely joined the session and shared his research findings from a project ‘Differences in Health News from Reliable and Unreliable Media”.Finally, Dr. Shazzad Hosain (Professor of North South University) has given a brief idea about the present and future of

The members of this group announced that they will continue organizing such events in future as well.
Feel free to join Machine Learning Bangladesh using the following link: Our Facebook Group